Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Triathlon Recap

Another day, another dollar. So I completed my triathlon. It was INTIMIDATING. It was the first triathlon that this place has done and I really thought that there would be a lot of newbies like myself, but there were not. Sooooo I definitely sat in the car and debated not getting out. But, I did it. I thought the swim would be the worst part but I was so scared for the swim that it actually ended up feeling kind of easy. The whole thing was just EXHAUSTING. I borrowed my friend’s mom’s circa 1990 “hybrid” neon bike and that was not the best idea. I should have rented a road bike. I also should have taken more fuel… I ate one honey stinger gel during the bike portion (there were no mile markers unfortunately so I don’t know when I took it… I estimate it was mile 8) and by the time I got to the run… woooo doggy. I was so, so wiped. I was basically Lamaze breathing through it. But I finished the triathlon without floating during the swim, getting off the bike, or walking during the run. I was on a high all day. Which is why I really want to run a half marathon now! But what a HUGE undertaking. I just can’t even imagine RUNNING and doing NOTHING ELSE for 2.5 hours (because that is DEFINITELY how long it would take me, minimum). I think I need a realllllly good 7 mile run under my belt to decide if I could handle the training and consequently, the half.